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BT RIGHTreader

When mobility is a factor in keeping business efficient, RightTag offers a cordless RFID reader/writer utilizing BlueTooth technology. The most flexible self contained RFID reader/ writers at the 13.56 MHz industry standard, the BT RIGHTreader is for commercial and industrial use. And with their BlueTooth capabilities, these readers become as versatile as the technology they contain.

When logged onto a PC, the RIGHT reader will allow users to read tags in a 16 cm range 10 meters from the BlueTooth receiver and change the code on each tag with up to 256 characters, if needed.

BT RIGHTreaders additionally come with a built in USB interface for an easy connection to a host. For tracking attendees, crucial clients, shopping habits, and more, RightTag can get you farther with the BT RIGHTreader.

MIDrange Reader

Sometimes the use of RFID requires the ability to read tags at farther distances depending upon the user. For this circumstance, RightTag has developed MIDrange readers. These readers are high performance RFID scanners for use in commercial and industrial applications. With a continuous read mode for the identification of simultaneous RFID tag reads, the MIDrange readers are capable of reading tags at a distance up to 40 cm.

With tags being easily read, and read more than one at a time, a greater distance read gives quite a benefit to the user. Accuracy of tracking and calculating books passing through a doorway, cars passing through a toll, groceries being pushed through check out, is made possible with the MIDrange reader.


RightTag offers a truly cost effective 13.56 MHz RFID reader/writer module that can be added to current technologies, without adding costs of training and set up to the end consumer.

For both commercial and industrial settings, the module operates inside of current electronics or can be place in a custom casing to read and encode RFID tags at up to a 14 cm distance. The modules provide full read and write support at the High-Frequency industry standard RFID tags and smart labels. The RIGHTengine is manufactured with two different interface styles for easy connection to a host: RS232 and USB.

The RIGHTengine can be fitted into your own device or in your own casing. Costeffective, lightweight and durable, RightTag’s RIGHTengine is adaptable for any business.


The RIGHTscanner is a small inexpensive RFID reader ideal for multiple uses including, but not limited to security, access control, cashless payments, point-of-sale, and library applications. With its 13.56 MHz industry standard setup, these scanners are perfect for both commercial and industrial use.

When connected to a computer, the scanner will allow users to read tags in a 14cm range and change the codes on each tag with up to 256 characters.

Offering different connections for your PC (RS232 or USB), RightTag strives to bring you the RFID technology you need. The flexibility of use and application of this product truly allows you to incorporate the new and versatile technology of RFID.